About the Trail of Tears Show

The Trail of Tears Art Show began in 1972 with a goal of fostering the development of painting as a form of expressing Native American heritage in the Cherokee Nation and surrounding areas. The first few Trail of Tears Art Shows were held in the rain shelter of the Tsa La Gi amphitheater, on the grounds of what we know today as the Cherokee Heritage Center. In 1975, it was the first major temporary exhibition in the museum. The show expanded its categories, prizes and professionalism over the years, and has become the longest-running juried Native American art show in Oklahoma.

artist registration open
Enter the show by 5pm, February 23, 2024.
Frequently Asked Questions

Trail of Tears Art Show is open to all citizens 18 and over of a federally recognized Native American tribe. All art entered will be juried for acceptance. A Cherokee National Treasure, UKB Wisdom Keeper, or EBCI Beloved Person is exempt from jury but MUST complete the online entry process, including photographs, by the deadline to participate.

If you have completed the entry process by the deadline, you will be notified by email no later than 5 p.m. on February 29, of your acceptance into the show.

Trail of Tears Art Show does not have a youth division. To inquire about the Cherokee Art Market youth competition later in the year, email cherokeeartmarket@cnent.com.

There is no fee to enter or participate in Trail of Tears Art Show this year. A 30% commission on all sales in the art show will be charged. Please price your pieces accordingly.

Yes, there will be a competition. Up to three (3) pieces are allowed as long as at least one (1) is in the miniature category. If none are miniature, two (2) entries are allowed. (ex: an artist can enter 2 full size pieces and 1 miniature, OR 3 miniatures, OR 2 miniatures and 1 full size piece. If only entering full size pieces, only 2 are allowed) Please note that the more details you give in the description about your piece and high-resolution photographs will assist with jurying your piece. This will also help any prospective buyers; the more details the better.

The link to enter was emailed to each artist that has previously entered. Additionally, the application, artist agreement, and competition rules are provided within the forms on the website. If you need assistance with your application and uploading images, please contact the Trail of Tears Art Show at 918.804.9253 or email callie.chunestudy@cn-bus.com. Deadline to enter is Friday, February 23 at 5 p.m.

All sales online, and in-person will be processed through Trail of Tears Art Show. Artists should direct any purchase inquiries to the website or in-person gallery. A 30% commission on all sales in the art show will be charged. Please price your pieces accordingly. When a piece sells, the artist will be notified and will receive payment within 3 weeks of the sale. Purchases will be mailed to buyers by TOTAS the week following the close of the show, no later than May 17, 2024. Unsold pieces will be available for pick up or shipped back to the artist at that time as well. If you have further questions, please contact the Trail of Tears Art Show at callie.chunestudy@cn-bus.com or 918.804.9253.