Juried Artists

Alicia Hilton
“Flourishing as the Wildflowers”

Allison Scott
“7 Clans, 1 Tribe”

Amanda Lawson

Amanda Rutland
“Moundville Oblong Pendant”

Amber Huskey
“Taming the Uktena”
ᏣᎳᎩ ᏃᏈᏏ ᎡᎶᎯᏓᏟᎶᏍᏔᏅ (Cherokee Star Map)”

Andrea Savar
Anidawi Bandolier Bag”

Anita Mitchell
Recreating History”

April Ekstrom
Protector of Long Road Home”

Barbara Weaver
Creative Colors”
Tranquil Movement”

Bayliegh Fields

Beth Anderson
“Night Sky Medallion”
“Blanket Flower Set”

Bradley Terrapin
Warriors Way”

Braylin Frazier
Don’t Forget”

Brenda Bradford
“Desolation Beckons”

Caitlyn McWhorter
Running Through Our Veins”
“The Great Celestial Cycle”

Candace Shanholtzer
Raven With Suncircle 2”
“Chahta Ohoyo”
“Chahta Hattak”

Candice Byrd

Charlie Nichols
Feathered Indian”

Cierra Fuzesy
Elk Symphony”

Clarence Gray
“First Snow”
“Talks Are Over”
“Stand Together”

Crystal Hanna
MMIW Can’t be Wiped Away”

David Haff
The Protectors”

David Peters

Debra Keazer
Bumble Bee Basket with Lid”
“Sweet Grass Basket”
“Small Trinket Basket”

Diane Giddeon

Donald Osburn
Native Stone”

Donald Starr
Family Circle”
“Powwow Dancer”

Donnie Poindexter
Three Eagles”

Emilee Edwards

Ernie Poindexter
At The End of The Trail”
“Endangered Species”

Evan Feeley
“Let’s Have a Wine About It”

Faith Long-Presley
Spearfinger Reaches”

Faith Phillips
Uweyv Dagvniyusdi: River Pearl”

Gary Farris
Round Top Cedar Peyote Box”

Grant Morris
Uwoduhi Soquili”

Greg Stice
Tripple Gorget”
“Empowered Gorget”

Gregory Standridge
Tu loc Chish ko”
“Deer Woman”

Haley Cooper
Moss Cradle”

Harry Oosahwee
“The Woodland Dancer”

Hattie Mendoza
Starry Dreams”
“Rhythmic Exuberance”
“Life and Death”

J Lesley

Ja-Li-Si Gladd
ᎠᏤ ᎠᎴᏂ (a-tse-a-le-ni) – New Beginning”
ᎠᏓᏅᏫᏏ ᎠᏒᏢᎢ (a-da-nv-wis a-sv-tlv-i) – Healing Bridge”

Jacob Long
“Sun Eater”

Jami Cunningham

Jamie Bennett
“Soke’htv Medicine Giver”

Jammie Shaw
Buffalo Brothers Society”

Janae Grass
Wife of Kee-o-kúk”
“Tobacco Bag”

Jane Osti

Jeffrey Manus-Wheeler
Dipping from the Strength of Our Ancestors”

Jennifer Hazen Wilson
Copper Kamama Gorget”
“Copper Basketweave Gorget”

Jennifer Hicks
Ribbonwork Geometries”
“Tishomingo Fossil II”

Jennifer Thiessen

Jeremy Cavin
Easemnet of Cherokee County”

Jeremy Thompson

Jerry Sutton
Yona Goes to Water”
“Colonization: Filling In The Blanks”

Joan Patterson

John Gloyne
Emerald Uk’tena”
Burial Ceremony: The Four Souls of the Cherokee Being”
“Skili Algvdulo (Booger Mask)”

John Smalley
Mountains and Moons”

Jon Williams
Our Elders are Sacred”
“Eyes of the Sun”

Joseph Byrd
ᏣᎳᎩ ᏓᎧᏁᎲ (Cherokee Knot)”

Joseph Wyatt
Mesa (9 spirits)”
“Ancestral Homeland”

Joshua West
Uktenas Guard”

Judy Frazier
For Carrying Pine Needles”
“Basket in Basket”
“Little Perch”

Karen Berry
“Four Winds”

Karon Crutchley
Closer than a Brother”

Kathy VanBuskirk
Let’s Talk Cherokee”

Keith Anna
Messing the Mask Being”
“Messing Sees Us”

Kenny Henson
Clan Spirits”
“Mallard Ducks”

Kimberly Baker
Three Sisters”
“Cherokee Venus”

Kimberly Garcia
The Crane in the Homelands”

Kristy Owens
Grandma’s Quilts”

Laney Cully
Blooming Beneath a Flowering Sun”
“Three Baskets on a Blue Cloth”

Laura Petty
Lazy Evening”
“Coming Home”
“New Beginnings”

Lena Stick
Traditional Buckbrush”

Lillie Vann

Linda McCrary
Graduation Day”

Lisa Baker
Gv-na-ge a-le tsa-yi (Black and Copper)”

Madeline McBride
Intrinsically Connected”

Maeve Hilgers
Great Buzzard Mug”
“Selu Saver Jar”

Makiya Deerinwater
An Offering”

Mark Wolfe
Smoking to the Four Winds”
“New Rope”
“A Messenger”

Mary Lupton
A Hunter’s Prayer”

Suli’s Journey”

Michael Elizondo
Chumash Cave Paintings”

Michael Mounce
3 Sisters”

Mike Daniel
Snake Dance”

Nathan McAlister
Wyandotte Longhouse Water Drum”
“Large Clay Wyandotte Water Drum”

Phyllis Jennings
Matriarch, Mary Anne”
“Lunch Date”

Richard Graham
Peek-A-Boo Styrup Spout Water Jar”

Richard York
“Pasture Near Sallisaw Sequoyah County, Cherokee Nation”
“Sunrise, Sequoyah County Cherokee Nation”

Robert Wann
“Cherokee Saline Catawba”

Robin Coile
Kitchen Delight”
“Three Sisters – A Heritage of Gadugi”

Robin Stockton
Falling Like Feathers”
“A Trail of Stars and Tears”
“Joyful Rabbit”

Ronald Mitchell
Nunne-Hi, The Invisiable Warriors”
“Lighthorsemen at Limestone Gap”
“Flight from the Homeland”

Ronnie Morris

Roy Boney
ᏎᎷ ᎤᏛᏁ (Selu Said)”
“Old School Rez Dogs”

Sarah Stewart
ᎠᏂ (a-ni) Ribbon Skirt”
“The Signing of the Treaty of New Echota”

Sayo’:kla Kindness-Williams
Healing Coat: Remembering the Journey of  On^yote?a:ka (The People of the Standing Stone)”
“Uplifting Sk^:na in 2022: The Year of Genocide.”

Scott Middleton
Booger Dancer”

Stanley Charging
Rolling Thunder”

Steven Morales
Yanasa (Buffalo) Pipestone & Turquoise Fetish”

Suzanne Perez
Ghosts on the Trail”

Talon Kingfisher
Alas, Poor Choogie!”
“Unole The Blackfox”

Tara McCoy

Tiffany Reiter
ᎤᎵᎮᎵᏍᏗ ᏗᎦᏌᏬᏍᏗ (Tears of Joy)”
ᎠᏂᏃᏈᏏ ᎢᏧᎳ ᎠᎾᎩᏍᏗ (To the Stars)”

Todd Edwards
Solemn Grace”

Troy Jackson
ᏌᎵ  (Persimmon)”
“The Battle Within”

Tyran Cartledge
“The Guides”

William Stick
A Trail of Tears”

Z Long
Shawls, Stars and Spin”